Launches All-In-One Payment Processing Solution for Restaurants

If you operate a restaurant, you are likely to have ran into issues and frustration involving payment transactions. Payment processors that handle customer payments can be riddled with complex pricing models, poor support, and hidden fees. Agen ceme online Inc. believes it has a solution for the restaurant industry. The company has introduced a new all-in-one payment processing solution for restaurants.

ParTech Payment Services for Restaurants
The PAR Payment Services aims to turn the complexity and confusion of payment processing in restaurants on the head. Instead of paying multiple fees with ‘hidden extras’, restaurants pay one simple fee to PAR. Rather than leaving restaurants guessing, it is clearly stated within the fee what is included and not included.

Addressing Customer Issues Quickly and Efficiently
Another leading irritation of payment processing within the restaurant sector is poor customer support. PAR Payment Services features PAR’s experienced and quality technical support team. The experts address all customer issues in a single call. This contrasts to what many restaurants are used to – being “passed from pillar to post.” With PAR, the frustration of multiple operators dealing with an issue is substituted with a single expert ensuring the problem is resolved.

DCI and PA-DSS Compliant
PAR Payment Services is compliant with DCI and PA-DSS, the Payment Application Data Security Standard. Such compliance ensures restaurants use reliable payment processing that protects consumer data through fraud and chargeback monitoring.

PAR Payment Services include a Hardware Payment Plan. The plan eliminates upfront costs as restaurants pay for PAR hardware and services monthly. This could prove valuable during these testing times when many restaurants may be struggling with cashflow.

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